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The business that mistook its IT for a Digital

Evolution is a process that uses yesterday’s innovations as building blocks to create tomorrow’s even-more sophisticated innovations. One the consequences of these ever-increasing new levels of complexity is that we sometimes lose sight of critical characteristics that distinguish one level from another. In the world of commerce these new levels of complexity become the new…

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Digital is not just Digital

One of the many wonderful facets of the digital age is that information is so readily shared.  As a society, this accelerates our rate of a learning as we stand on one anothers shoulders.  So last week when the Sunshine Coast committee of Regional Development Australia released a draft of its Digital Action Plan I was interested to see what new perspectives…

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Why God is Digital

(This speech was given at The Project : Digital Disruption conference in Auckland, New Zealand on 30th April 2014).   Good morning everyone. Welcome to the first sermon of the conference. Today we will be exploring “Why god is digital”. So, please, extract your favourite digital device from wherever it is, hold it reverently in your…

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Innovation only makes a difference if it satisfies a customer

The question of how to shape strongly performing Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems is a very hot topic at the moment, and there are a growing number of programs and events that are addressing the practice.  Two years ago MIT started the first cohort of countries of their 2 year Regional Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, and I was…

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In the beginning

I have been meaning to revisit my so-called “manifesto”, to expand on the thinking behind each of its 5 elements. In particular, I have found the first element – “Self Authorship” – to be somewhat problematic. First of all in terms of my capacity to clearly articulate what it means. And secondly, to ground the…

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Innovating New Zealand

You can’t move three or four paragraphs in business or technology news these days, without someone mentioning “innovation”. Innovation, it seems, is a messianic cure to all of our economic and social woes. Get yourself some good ole innovation and everything will be right mate.  But what the heck is innovation? Everyone talks about it,…

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