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On becoming an internet millionaire

Last week, I happened to come across Wired Magazine’s coverage of Ev William’s speech at the XOXO Conference in Portland last month. Ev Williams is most famous as one of the co-founders of Twitter, but prior to that he was behind the blogging platform Blogger, and since then, the blogging network Medium. Anyway, when I discovered the…

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People, Pairing and Platforms

I have long held a fascination with technology platforms. I think of them as a kind of “super-product”, that brings together people to meet coinciding needs. Michael Cusumano of the MIT Sloan School of Management has been writing about technology platforms for many years now, and he, alongside a number of other original thinkers, are…

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Hello World

In computer programming, a “Hello world” program is one of the first and most elementary possible, simply outputting “Hello world” on a screen. This post is my “Hello World” program. Pride is one of the 5 values of my personal manifesto, and yet in launching my Hello into the world I was nearly sabotaged by…

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