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Innovating New Zealand

You can’t move three or four paragraphs in business or technology news these days, without someone mentioning “innovation”. Innovation, it seems, is a messianic cure to all of our economic and social woes. Get yourself some good ole innovation and everything will be right mate.  But what the heck is innovation? Everyone talks about it,…

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On becoming an internet millionaire

Last week, I happened to come across Wired Magazine’s coverage of Ev William’s speech at the XOXO Conference in Portland last month. Ev Williams is most famous as one of the co-founders of Twitter, but prior to that he was behind the blogging platform Blogger, and since then, the blogging network Medium. Anyway, when I discovered the…

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People, Pairing and Platforms

I have long held a fascination with technology platforms. I think of them as a kind of “super-product”, that brings together people to meet coinciding needs. Michael Cusumano of the MIT Sloan School of Management has been writing about technology platforms for many years now, and he, alongside a number of other original thinkers, are…

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