Things I’ve made trying to make a positive difference in the world.

I've worked on a lot of projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of.


    My magnum opus. Its premise is that a persons well-being and satisfaction is correlated with their ability to play a meaningful role in shaping their own experience and life outcomes, and this is a capability that can developed.

  • Meaningful Participation

    Meaningful Participation is a strategy for well-being and a satisfying life that underlies the philosophical foundations of IDOJO. I have been working on this philosophy for over 10 years.

  • Triholonics

    Triholonics is a new thread of scientific inquiry based on the fractal architecture of systems. Its premise is that health in any system is dependent on the healthy relationship between its parts and the whole. This is a sister project to IDOJO and Meaningful Participation

  • Smartstart

    During the first COVID lock-down I developed this 4 week email-based program to help people build healthy new habits.

  • EXpotential

    EXpotential provides real-time insights into the experience of employees in an organisation. I co-founded this organisation with 2 partners.

  • Melodics

    Melodics is a musical instrument education product that makes practice fun. I helped shape the original behavioural mechanics of the product.

  • Glory League

    Glory League transforms amateur basketball into an exciting NBA experience for players. I helped raise our first round of seed funding.

  • Auckland City innovation strategy

    I led the design and development of the Auckland City innovation plan. Exciting work but sadly unrealised in its execution.

  • Smallworlds

    SmallWorlds was a browser-based virtual world with over 50 million players that I co-founded with Darren Green, & was VC-funded by Disney.